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Subaru Dex

In Subaru on November 17, 2008 at 4:49 pm

Late last week Subaru introduced a new model to their domestic range.

The Subaru Dex is based on the same platform as both the Toyota bB and the Daihatsu Coo with Subaru clearly benefitting from Toyota’s 25% stake in them.

All three versions of the car look about 10% different from each other with only the front grille and other smaller aesthetic changes apparent but these alterations do succeed in changing the character of each model some what.

Mechanically they are identical although interestingly Subaru has decided to offer only the smaller 92ps 1300cc engine while  Toyota and Daihatsu both offer two engine choices including a slightly more powerful 1500cc unit.

Frankly the Toyota bB is very urban cool and fits the intended young 20 something driver bill perfectly with its mean face, prevalent sound system and blue lit interior.  Problems start to become evident if you’re over 40 and male you might look like a sex predator driving one, trying to ensnare a few young lovely lovelys in your pimp mobile, young at heart transport. 

Daihatsu’s Coo with its inexplicable gaping mouth front grille is the softer version of the above designed for girls, gay blokes and people who are scared of the bB’s demeanour.  Still an interesting choice though.

Subaru’s contribution is the most conservative and least confident design of the three and can be bought by anyone including the over 40’s man.  The pitfalls are that if you’re young and take this over the Toyota or Daihatsu, others will think you boring and crap but at least you’re honest and that will serve you well later when you’re over 40 (when you should have bought the car) and you meet a divorcee who will appreciate being with a dull but stable man.   For the older buyer the consequences are less severe but know that no-one will ever understand why you didn’t get the bB to avoid looking like a sex pest although if you had bought the Toyota that is exactly what they would have thought.

Pricing for the subaru Dex starts at 1,438,500 JPY. 

Toyota bB

Toyota bB


Daihatsu Coo

Daihatsu Coo


Subaru Dex

Subaru Dex


AE86 Heir? Subaru/Toyota Coupe, More Details Emerge

In Subaru on October 20, 2008 at 3:34 pm

As is widely Known Toyota and Subaru are working together on a new sports coupe potentially to be viewed as a successor to the legendary Toyota AE86 (hachi-roku) of the eighties. 

Dubbed the FR (hopefully a more inspiring name is on the cards) as a result of its front engined RWD layout, the coupe is set for a relase in the autumn of 2011.   

The car is mooted to be based on a legacy platform and will use either the 2.0l or 2.5l version of Subaru’s flat 4 boxer engine.  

Power is estimated to be a not disrespectful 200ps.  The specs sound very promising especially when you consider that some magazines expect the car to be on sale for as little as 2 million yen. 

Its been widely reported that the car will be sold in Japan as a Toyota and internationally as a Subaru.  Either that or it could be marketed through both companies and sold as two slightly different styles, something that is quite likely to happen for the home market. 

At least initially, both versions of the car will be built in Japan at Subaru’s new Oizumi factory.

Fuel economy might be a stumbling block with the engine choice but if they can make the car light enough it might be a worthy inheritor of the AE86 crown.

Unless of course Toyota have something else in the works for that purpose.   


Spy Shot of Potential Subaru/Toyota Coupe

Spy Shot of Potential Subaru/Toyota Coupe