New GT-R edition, Spec M

In Nissan on January 14, 2009 at 6:15 pm

Whilst Honda has been continually slapping itself on the wrist for entertaining the idea of a new NSX replacement,  trying Formula 1 and indeed have been making noises about forever committing to making mundane cars from now on, luckily a little more optimism exists at Nissan.

Whether they like it or not the Yokohama Firm created the GT-R before the world went tits up and so they are forced to make it sell and plan on introducing more models to achieve their dream of offering a like for like range to rival Porsche’s dominance in the niche and it is very much a niche where the Stuttgart company resides in.

Within the GT-R brand may come the still planned 4 door and seperately an SUV model but before those two models arrive a more comfort orientated version of the standard car is set to debut in 2010.

Designated Spec M, the new GT-R is conceived as a more luxury alternative to the standard.

Although mechanically the same, Spec M customers will have the choice of outfitting their cars with all kinds of interior trim options.

It is though a range of softer less motor-sport inspired seats will be offered in a range of colours and materials.  A very, very high end audio system will be a part of the package and further exterior colour options are to be made available.

Apparently the focus of the Spec M is flexibility of order with the car to be available in in any mixture of trim or bells and whistles that the customer wishes.

Pricing is not clear but you would have to be a bit silly not to imagine it’s going to be somewhere north of the standard GT-R.


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