Revised GT-R And Cost Increases

In Nissan on December 11, 2008 at 5:42 pm

Of all of the car bosses in Japan, Carlos Ghosn of Nissan has been the noisiest in calling for a general price increase on all cars and citing increasing raw material costs as the reason. 

He previously stated that he would wait for Toyota to take the lead but seems to have decided to strike out on his own. 

First to receive fiscal scrutiny is the Porsche baiting GT-R. 

Nissan’s flagship model has gone up by an average eleven percent on the original price. 

Meaning revised costs as follows.

Standard GT-R   8,610,00 JPY

Premium GT-R   9,240,000 JPY

Black Edition GT-R 8,820,000 JPY

Of course to justify the price increase, Ghosn has got his hands dirty and fettled with the car a little.  He’s managed to increase power by 5 ps to 485 ps and at the same time improve fuel efficiency to 8.3 km/l from 8.2 km/l.

Both fairly negligible so Nissan has also thrown in a reworked suspension set up that is said to upgrade handling.

Buyers of the Black Edition only will also have their car shod with the famous Nurburgring smashing Dunlop Sport 600 tyres.  Purchasers of the standard and premium GT-R will have to make do with the current Bridgestone shoes.

All this farting around has caused a bit of a stir with potential customers who walked into a Nissan dealership in November (when orders were not being taken due to the ongoing pricing decisions) hoping to secure a prime slice of high technology Nissan beef at the previously stated 7.7 million yen.

Upon trying to pass over a suitcase full of cash to the knowing salesmen they were told that no orders were currently being accepted for at the time  mysterious reasons. 

Apparently Nissan’s sales people were also less than impressed at the sudden controversy and being forced to pass on the bad tidings to expectant punters.  Basically they were as much in the dark as their customers as to what was occurring.

Simply put the fast Nissan was too cheap to begin with and Nissan soon realised this especially when combined with real production cost increases.

It’s actually worth a lot of money and probably even more than the revised price suggests.  If  Porsche produced a car this capable they’d sell it for double but they have that privilege and Nissan still do not.

To pass on the bad news as nicely as possible and to disguise it as a developmental improvement cost the Japanese firm has had a fiddle with the car.

All said and done, it’s still an exceptional value supercar.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that if you complain loud enough Nissan will offer you a night of splendour at a fancy restaurant in your area accompanied by one of their Many magnificent Super GT race queen’s followed by a bit of slap and tickle at a love hotel of your choice, discretion assured.

Or did i just make that up.


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