New Nissan Fairlady 370 Z

In Nissan on December 1, 2008 at 6:31 pm


Yesterday marked the day that Nissan’s all new Fairlady Z hits the market.  From now, Japan’s credit crunched public will have their chance to acquire the latest evolution of Nissans 39 year Z car heritage.

In today’s financially fearful climate sales are unlikely to reach epic proportions at least initially but the Z is competitively priced from 3.6 million JPY.

The old  Z was a fine looking machine that sold well globally.  A lot of the reason it prospered is because unusually for a Japanese design it didn’t polarise buyers with either eccentricity or a perceived immaturity which can bedevil Japanese sports cars outside of Asia.  It was a grown up sort of vehicle that was seemingly bought in equal numbers by Japanese car aficionados as well as migratory buyers from prestigious marques.

The 350Z was an old school GT sports car with its naturally aspirated large capacity engine, 2 seats, classic layout and conservative Europeanesque lines.  All this came at a very reasonable price, especially when you stood the car next to a Porsche Cayman for example. 

Of course many are disappointed that the new car has not much departed from the formers aesthetic design but to say that the new Z is not significantly altered both cosmetically and mechanically would be mistaken.

Naturally the new designation of 370 Z is indicative of the new power plant that finds itself in the front engined RWD platform.  with capacity increased to 3700 cc comes an average power increase to 336 PS.  Nissan have developed a unique synchronized rev control that regulates the engine speed to the drivers manual gear changes negating the need for double de-clutching (some operators may find that intrusive to driving pleasure).  A newly developed 7 speed automatic transmission is also available.  The car has also been lightened through the extensive use of aluminium and carbon fibre.

All very exciting but best of all the car is even more beautiful than its predecessor. 

The new rendering comes in with a shorter wheelbase that along with the flared arches really accentuates the rear wheels.  Sculpted lines flow through the athletic body giving off a flame surfaced look that succeeds in appearing complicated but functional and exceedingly attractive.  Massive attention has been focused on the front and rear lights with an aggressive stance that sinks into the bodywork wonderfully.  Showing indication of the cars intent is a prominent front air intake and twin tail pipes adding to the general muscular, energetic but elegant pose of the Z.

It is a very, very pretty car that is easy to get emotional about and as you can see i have, it’s just a crying shame that i recently purchased a new vacumn cleaner and subsequently can’t afford to buy the Nissan now.

Whether the car will offer enough difference to persuade current Z owners to trade in is a question that will be answered in time or maybe Nissan hope for new buyers to emigrate from some of the German marques as they have successfully achieved with the GTR.

At some point comparison must be made with Nissans supercar.

Who would buy a 370 Z over a GTR ?

It’s doubtful it’s a question Nissan are asking themselves or indeed anybody else but it’s an interesting one none the less.

  I find myself in the unenviable position of not being able to afford either so i feel i’m qualified to give thought to this dilemma.

The 370 Z is the car i want.


The GTR try as you like is not beautiful except from the rear.  Owning one also means that Porsche drivers will hate you and may try to chase you off a cliff, so as you can see it’s a dangerous proposition considering the number of 911’s on the worlds roads.

The 370 Z on the other hand is beautiful (achingly so), powerful (admittedly Not GTR powerful) and it will also come in pale blue if you like.

In my opinion this car is the vegetable bits hanging off the underside of a large Japanese Tosa dog.

New Fairlady Z

  1. wow! very cool. the design in the rear is what grabs me. have you seen any on the road yet?

  2. I’d like to drive.

  3. Havent seen any on the road yet but its still early doors so should be a few poking around soon. Not sure that the market will be very kind to this car at the moment for obvious reasons.

    I agree it has a lovely arse and i’d like to drive one too.

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