Next Generation prius

In Toyota on October 6, 2008 at 4:43 pm

One of the most anticipated new cars to come out of Japan in the coming months is undoubtedly the next generation Toyota Prius

Due for its domestic release in April of 2009 the new model has developed quite clearly.

However, First off, the exterior design is unlikely to change tremendously as the current models basic shape is about as aerodynamically efficient as Toyota can develop, evidenced by Honda’s endorsement of the Prius with their new insight model. 

Although Hopefully Toyota will be able to unfrumpise it a little  to increase its appeal with a larger audience.

It should come as no suprise that Toyota have managed to reduce fuel consumption over the old model.  The new figures are expected to be about 40 km/litre.

Engine capacity has also been increased from 1500cc to 1800cc so the promise of a little more power is on the cards. 

Solar panels on the roof will be available as an option and a full plug in version will be introduced by 2010.

The base model price is rumoured to start 2.3 million yen which as expected is more than the new Honda Insight will be. 

A controversial car the Prius is and it will surely up the ire of some of the anti green loonies.


Current Prius

Current Prius


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