Toyota FT HS Update

In Toyota on September 26, 2008 at 4:55 pm

The FT HS hybrid concept was introduced last year at the Detroit Motor Show as a rumoured Supra replacement. 

Recent rumblings suggest that the car is being developed further for potential manufacture next year with not one but two production models making an appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show this November.

One a Hybrid and the other carrying a standard engine.

Configuration is likely to be a a 2+2 set up and most certainly front engined, rear wheel drive. 

Power will be derived from a choice of a hybrid 3.5 litre or 3.7 litre normally aspirated V6 producing between 330 and 370 PS.

Because of Toyota’s desire to offer two models it has delayed release of the vehicle.

It’s possible that the hybrid and standard will be differentiated by two different body styles.

The situation remains unclear if the car will carry the iconic Supra name but if it doesnt it is surely a spiritual successor.

Toyota’s new sports coupe will slot in way below the Lexus LFA with a likely selling price of between 3.5 to over 5 million yen when on sale and will be considered to be a direct competitor to Nissans Fairlady Z.

Details are still sketchy.


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